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Gholamitabar Tabari M, Jorsaraei S G A, Ghasemzadeh-Hasankolaei M, Ahmadi A A, Mahdinezhad Gorji N. Evaluation of specific germ cell genes expression in mouse embryonic stem cell-derived germ cell like cells treated with bone morphogenetic protein 4 in vitro. IJRM. 2018; 16 (8) :507-518
URL: http://journals.ssu.ac.ir/ijrmnew/article-1-1177-en.html
1- Infertility and Reproductive Health Research Center, Health Research Institute, Babol University of Medical Science, Babol, Iran
2- Infertility and Reproductive Health Research Center, Health Research Institute, Babol University of Medical Science, Babol, Iran. , alijorsara@yahoo.com
3- Infertility and Reproductive Health Research Center, Health Research Institute, Babol University of Medical Science, Babol, Iran.
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Background: Bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) is a significant signaling molecule that involves in initiating of differentiation and performs multifunctional effects on embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and embryos.
Objective: The goal of the present study was to evaluate an in vitro differentiation model of mouse embryonic stem cells into germ cells, using BMP4.
Materials and Methods: in this experimental study, we used Oct4-GFP mouse ESCs to form embryoid body (EB) aggregations for two days. Then, single cells from EB were cultured for four days with BMP4. Using MTT assay and gene expression levels for evaluation of Mvh and Riken by real-time RT-PCR of six concentrations, 12.5 ng/ ml BMP4 was determined as an optimized dose. Then, the expression level of Fkbp6, Mov10l1, 4930432K21Rik, Tex13, Mvh, Scp3, Stra8, Oct4 were evaluated. Flow cytometry and immunostaning were used to confirm the findings of the real-time RT-PCR.
Results: In the +BMP4 group, the genes encoding Riken (p≤0.001) and Mvh (p≤0.001) were found to be increased with significant differences compared with the control group. Mov10l1 (p=0.22), Tex13 (p=0.10), Fkbp6 (p=0.90), Scp3 (p=0.61) and Stra8 (p=0.08) were up-regulated without significance differences compared with control group. Flow cytometry analysis showed that the mean number of Mvh-positive cells in the +BMP4 group was greater when compared with ESCs, -BMP4 and EB groups (p=0.03, p≤0.001, p=0.02, respectively).
Conclusion: Down-regulation of Oct4, expression of germ cells genes and meiosis markers expression raise this hypothesis that ESCs were differentiated by BMP4, and may be introduced into the first meiosis as germ cell-like cells.
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Type of Study: Original Article |
Received: 2018/08/27 | Accepted: 2018/08/27 | Published: 2018/08/27

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